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歷史文化勝地塔拉山 Hill of Tara County Meath

塔拉山(愛爾蘭語:Teamhair na Rí,英語:The Hill of Tara)是位於愛爾蘭米斯郡首府納文以南12公里的小丘,高約154米,是愛爾蘭傳說中塔拉王的國家的所在地。塔拉山頂的中心附近有兩座相連的建築遺蹟——科馬克居所(Teach Cormaic)和王座(Forradh)。科馬克居所有一根石柱,人們通常認為這是塔拉王即位的立石。這些建築約建於西元5世紀之前。山上還有其他新石器時代到青銅時代的遺址。塔拉山在愛爾蘭人心目中具有崇高的地位,是愛爾蘭的歷史文化勝地。(credit Wikipedia) The Hill of Tara has been an important site since the late Stone Age when a passage-tomb was constructed there. Tara was at the height of its power as a political and religious centre in the early centuries after Christ. Location: 12km south of Navan. Off the …